Install Google Play Store in Genymotion

Hello Everyone, In this post i will be describing how to install Google play store in the Genymotion Device.I’m installing Google play store to make other apps install through it .We can also install apps through adb(Android Debug Bridge) but for that we need an .apk file with us. Let’s start counting steps :) (1) Switch ON your Genymotion Device. (2) Download Google Apps from Cynogenmod (3) Drag and Drop the downloaded zip file to Genymotion Device.It will ask for confirmation,confirm it.Then it will start showing some error’s ,ignore for the time being and follow the next steps without opening any installed apps now. (4) Go to Settings.

Alt Text (5) Tap on Add Account. (6) Tap on Google.

(7) If you have an existing account then click on existing otherwise you can make a new account.
(8) Signin your google account and then allow google update .You will see now your Google account has been linked to this device.Now you easily operate Google Play Store and install other apps through it.
Feel free to comment if you are facing any problem :)