My name is Aditya Agrawal and I’m a Information Security Professional currently living in India.

  • I started in Securty Domain with Network Security and had a great time with several tools like Metasploit, Nessus, Scapy and others. I also published Solutions for Sharkfest Challenges 2013 at that time.

  • Web Application Security was domain which i got interested at that time and still have lot of interest in it. After having enough skills in web application security, i started to participate in various Bug Bounty Programs. I have participated to several Private Bug Bounty Programs through Hackerone. At the time of writing i have 13th rank on Hackerone. Visit my profile on Hackerone.

  • Android is still something which have several potential vulnerabilities hidden and as everything go on mobile from Social Networking to Banking, i started in Android Application Security in October 2014 but didn’t found any free source for learning Android Application Security. So i created a series for the one who wants to learn Android Application Security Assessment. And also created a tool Appie for Android Application Security Assessment.


  • I am a great fan of Railways and I have a dream to travel most part of the world on train. I have already travelled upto endpoints of India’s West and North with different category of trains of Indian Railways.
  • I love spicy foods and also have tasted nearly every type of food available in North India. I also wanted to taste every vegetarian food available on earth.

Aditya Agrawal